Healthcare and pay in the Army Reserves

Healthcare and pay in the Army Reserves

Our United States military personnel are sometimes given some of the best pay and healthcare in exchange for their services to protect the freedom of our country. In the US Army Reserves, these part-time soldiers are offered excellent pay to supplement their normal, civilian income, as well as access to some of the best healthcare in the nation which is known as TRICARE. Through excellent healthcare and great pay, the US Army Reserves take care of these individuals who fight to help fellow Americans maintain their freedom.

The Pay 

Like most civilian jobs, Army Reserve pay depends on certain criteria. To begin, pay is based on two weeks of training per year and one weekend per month. There is a pay chart on the GoArmy website, though this particular chart only reflects Drill Pay, and does not include any benefits or other allowances and so on. Again – as stated above – the pay is a good supplement for your civilian career. The annual salaries will increase as a soldier’s rank and years of experience increase. However, the starting pay is as simple as beginning as any normal job. For example, in the beginning, as a Private E1 with less than two years of experience, a soldier can be expected to make rough $3,379 a year. Again, this salary should increase as rank and years of experience increase as well.

Pay does differ between soldiers and officers, however, as expected. For example, at the start, a second Lieutenant O1 with less than two years of experience may begin with a base salary of $6373 a year. While this is not exactly bad money to supplement civilian income, soldiers and officers alike must continue to keep in mind that as their rank and years of experience increase, their pay will increase as well. 

The Healthcare

Military healthcare is perhaps some one of the most talked about types of healthcare in the country alone. For many who do not realize, the military does have some of the best healthcare and insurance providers in the nation. There is insurance offered for both health and dental coverages, as well as for life insurance as well. The premiums are affordable for the most part, and offer great services meaning soldiers – whether alone or on family plans – will also get exactly what they are paying for in terms of healthcare insurance and so on. Another aspect about this healthcare is to note that Army Reserve members are entitled to solo plans, and their families are entitled to healthcare plans as well, as briefly noted above.

Many military personnel – Reserve members included – are familiar with the popular military healthcare service, TRICARE. TRICARE offers affordable health insurance and dental insurance premiums for military personnel – both solo plans as well as plans for family members as well. The Army Reserve does offer low cost health insurance, and highlight that all eligible members of the Selected Reserve may qualify to purchase coverage under the TRICARE Reserve Select. The TRICARE Reserve Select offers coverage for a variety of health-related aspects. To learn more about what is covered by this plan, please click here. 

To participate in the TRICARE Reserve Select coverage services, there are certain criteria that must be met. Members of the Selected Reserve and their families whom are not on active duty orders, not covered under the Transitional Assistance Management Program, and not eligible for or enrolled in the Federal Employees Health Benefits program may are eligible for TRICARE Reserve Select coverage. For more information, please click here. Premiums for this health insurance are carried out monthly. These premiums differ, meaning they are one price if a member is on a solo plan, but a different price for family plans. For example, a TRS Member-Only coverage plan has a monthly premium of $50.75, while the family plan for a TRS Member is $202.62, roughly.

Army Reserves also offer low cost dental insurance, which is also provided by TRICARE. Plans may differ for the most part, so for a break down in plans, do click here. However, there is a small blurb about the dental insurance no the GoArmy website. The TRICARE Dental Program – often abbreviated TDP – is a voluntary, premium based dental insurance plan. Family members are eligible for plans as well, but enrollment for family members will be separate from Reserve only membership.

Low cost life insurance is also provided through the insurance provided by the Army Reserves. The popular life insurance used is the Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance, often abbreviated as SGLI. This program provides low-cost life insurance, and is available to soldiers in the army reserve. Coverage is available in increments of $50,000, and these increments go up to a maximum of $400,000. Premiums are decently priced, only costing roughly $0.065 per $1000, which is not too bad. This seems to be the set premium, regardless of the Reserve Member’s age. For more information, please click here.

Before joining the Army Reserve, many potential members – or even already active members – often wonder about the pay rate and healthcare provided by this service. While the pay should not necessarily be a replacement for a normal civilian job, the pay is good to supplement one’s normal civilian career. While the pay is based on a scale of rank and years of experience, the pay is still decent for the most part. Remember, pay does also differ between soldiers and officers as well. Healthcare provided, whether for members alone or families as well. The premiums are decently priced, and there are a variety of options available as well to appropriately meet the needs of everyone. With some of the best healthcare in the country and great pay to supplement civilian occupations, the Army Reserves may be for you.

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