Our Mission

What do we do? -“The Funding Units Foundation” is a licensed nonprofit organization the state of VA and we take money that is raised and give it to the local Army Reserve Units in the DMV area. Our main purpose is to fund the Units that would normally never get funded by any non profit organization. We have witnessed these struggles first hand so this is much more than a donation to us, we have lived it.

We all know the larger non-profit organizations do not give nearly enough to Military Units, let alone small Army Reserve Units throughout the nation. The Family Support Group (FRG) is responsible for raising money for family day parties, hail and fair wells, and Military Balls. So what we do is provide them enough money so these units don’t have to struggle raising money for these morale boosting activities throughout the year. This will help buy food, party favors, venue deposits, ect. Though some units may use the funds for things like flowers, awards, or helping out a Soldier is in financial trouble. Our main goal is to lift some of that financial burden from the FRG and Commander so they can enjoy these actives as they should.

Supporting our troops are one thing, but supporting your local Army Reserve troops is another. These are the Soldiers that struggle the most because they are Soldiers only one weekend a month and the financial support is limited.